Waist Chain in Solid Gold

Hand crafted solid 9ct gold adjustable waist chains created by a professional goldsmith.

gold waist chain jewelry

Very attractive piece of jewelry wear it with hipster jeans, bikinis, or whatever you want. You can even cover it up and enjoy feeling the warmth of gold on your naked skin. Provocative and elegant at the same time. These gold waist chains are alluring and show off the body beautifully.

belly chain jewelry for the waist or hips

Choose below your waist/hip size to purchase.

27 to 28.5 inch Waist


29 to 30.5 inch Waist


31 to 32.5 inch Waist


33 to 34.5 inch Waist


35 to 36.5 inch Waist


37 to 38.5 inch Waist


39 to 40.5 inch Waist


41 to 42.5 inch Waist


43 to 44.5 inch Waist


Each waist chain has links at the back so you can adjust every chain by 1.5 inches. That allows if you want to wear it higher or lower on your hips or waist on any day.

back adjustment for the belly chain

The exquisite chain is so unique. It is totally hand made link by link in solid 9ct gold.

How to wear Waist Chains

The gold waist chain is very easy to wear. The back adjustment has 1 1/5 inches of  links so you can choose where to wear it. Just clip it on and off you go. It is comfortable enough to wear under your clothing. Some of the styles have dangles attached. You can wear those styles with the dangles peeping out over your waist band. Quite beautiful. If you are feeling more daring wear a mid drift top. That will turn a few heads. You can even wear them down on the beach.

More Waist Chain styles below with Swarovski Dangles attached.

love heart waist chainbutterfly waist chainpearl waist chaincrystal waist chain