Gold Toe Ring

Engraved Adjustable Design

Created by a professional goldsmith an adjustable design. Engraved in solid 9ct gold.

engraved toe ring worn on foot

Enhance your feet with this gold engraved very sexy adjustable toe ring. It has an exquisite engraved design making it sparkle when it catches the light. They look outstanding in open toed shoes or even if you like to go barefoot. They are totally adjustable.

toe ring crafted by professional goldsmith
Gold Engraved
Toe Ring

How to wear the gold Toe Rings

Very easy to wear simply moisten the toe and slip the ring over the toe. Because of the adjustability the rings can be adjusted to fit any toe size. After about 1 day you will not even be aware it is on there. You can wear them in enclosed shoes as well.

Normally they are worn on the 2nd toe as this is the most comfortable. The toe rings do not fall off as you have a pad under your toe that holds it in place. You can shower, wear shoes, go to the gym and they stay in place.

More Styles Available

classic style toe ring