Ear Cuffs in Solid Gold

for guys and girls

The solid 9ct gold ear cuffs come in two styles. A braided ear cuff or a solid gold ear cuff.

They are created by a professional goldsmith.

ear cuffs for girls and guys in solid goldear cuff jewelry in solid style

You do not need a piercing to wear them as they sit inside the fold of your ear.

ear cuff jewellery braided style solid gold ear cuffs
Braided or Solid Gold Ear Cuffs
Single Piece

Braided or Solid Gold Ear Cuffs
One Pair


Choose from buying a single ear cuff or one pair.

How to wear the Gold Ear Cuffs

They are very easy to wear just slide on over your outer ear and gently squeeze together to match your ear size. When put on properly you will have a secure fit . They are very comfortable and you will not even know you are wearing them. You can wear them on your lower ear or upper ear.

Enjoy wearing an ear jewelry with out having to have a piercing.

Wear and remove when you want.

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